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Party with a Purpose: Matchmaker Matchmaker!

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Matchmaker, matchmaker! Make me a match! Find me a find! Catch me a catch!

All the single ladies out there, are you tired of the bar scene, weary of the club atmosphere, and sick of being set up on blind dates in order to meet someone new?

Why not shake things up a bit with our Matchmaker Party with a Purpose and play matchmaker with your closest gal pals? You can let your hair down with your friends, potentially find your next date, and raise money for your favorite charity all at the same time. Now, that’s what I call multi-tasking!

The Event:

Just like any other party, first start by inviting all of your best single girlfriends over for dinner or cocktails. Before your gals get too excited, let them know that there’s a catch. This party has an entrance fee: an eligible bachelor! Each one of your guests has to bring the hottest, coolest, smartest (unattached) man that she knows. He could be a good friend, a co-worker, a classmate, a cousin, or even a brother! The only requirement is that he’s single and ready to mingle. To keep the party drama-free, you should HIGHLY suggest “dates” with whom you and your girlfriends have no prior relationship. In layman’s terms: No ex-boyfriends allowed!

The Matchmaker Party with a Purpose is an easy way to meet new people and add a little spice to the traditional dinner party. The Matchmaker Party also has a perfect guy-to-girl ratio and is guaranteed to provide some fresh meat for you and your single ladies! Not to mention, all the eligible bachelors are already friend-approved. At this unique get-together, each guest is expected to come with her own date, but leave with someone else’s. Cheers to that!

The Set-Up:

The Matchmaker Party could easily be pulled off in your own home or a friend’s home. As long as there is a large enough space for your friends and the bachelors to meet, greet, and mingle, the party should go off without a hitch! If you’re not comfortable hosting a dinner party, you could also make a reservation a family-style restaurant or rent a space in hotel or bar. It all depends on how big or small you would like your party to be. Your Matchmaker Party could also have a theme complete with decorations and complementary edibles. However you choose to deck out your space, just make sure it is inviting and alluring for your new guests.


The activities at this event can be as simple or intricate as you would like. With some light music, finger food, and cocktails, guests are bound to have a great time chatting and hanging out. Since many of the people at this party will be new faces, you could also have your guests place icebreaker or compatibility games to lighten the mood and to get to know one another better. You could create randomly selected girl-guy pairs to go head-to-head in games of Pictionary, Cranium, or Charades. After a couple rounds, you can switch up the teams so that your lady friends can get to know more of the bachelors. You can also use these games as another way to fundraise.

Food and Drink:

Food and drinks at the Matchmaker Party should be tasty and filling, but not too messy or difficult to eat while standing and chatting. Also, avoid foods that are too pungent (nobody wants garlic breath at an event where they are supposed to flirt). Easy finger food and hors d’oeuvres are your best bet for an event like this. If you have a theme, you could also have corresponding dishes. For example, a holiday theme could include green cocktails and red treats or a Tropical Island themed Matchmaker Party could feature grilled pineapple and ham pizza and pina coladas.


For this event, it is probably best to keep the attire cute and casual. Guests can be cute and stylish enough to impress their fellow guests, but casual and comfortable enough that girls won’t be worrying about tight dresses and guys won’t be fidgeting with constricting collars. If you choose to incorporate a theme, you could turn your Matchmaker Party into a costumed event. A costume contest is also another great fundraising opportunity and certainly a great conversation starter.

How To Fundraise:

The easiest way to fundraise for this event is by having each couple make a donation at the door. This donation could be anywhere from $5 to $50. And of course, the more single girlfriends you invite, the more money that you can raise for charity. Many people pay good money to go to singles events, but the added incentive for your guests to attend this Party with a Purpose is that all the money is going to charity. During the party itself, you can raise even more money for charity using the icebreaker games or a costume competition. You and friends could even take bets on which bachelor each girl will like the best. The girl at the end of the night with the most correct matches will win and can decide which charity the money will be given to.

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